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Now, if you are a senior executive or innovative leader, you can gain access to fast-growing tech startups, network with amazing people, learn about startup investing and make the most of your valuable time.Take advantage of Randy Fisher's expertise in customer discovery, due diligence and product/market fit to get on the ground floor of startup investment and potentially high returns.There will be opportunities to Invest via the Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFEs), developed by Y Combinator in 2013, and used by thousands of companies.

What Our Members Say...

Tim Grimaldi, CEO, CardMedic

David Duniven, Dentist & Entrepreneur,
New Mexico

"I am glad you are choosing the most well-positioned companies. That gives me the best chance for success."

Tim Grimaldi, CEO, CardMedic

Neil Blacher, Accountant & Engineer

"This service is valuable because it gives me an opportunity to invest in companies on the ground floor."

Value Proposition

Product/Market Fit

Startups that focus on solving customer pain points have the Best Chance of success. Product/Market Fit is a strong indicator of future success.

De-Risk Investments

investing in startups is risky, but yields the greatest opportunities for high returns. Our approach will help you make the right decisions.

Save Time & Money

Save yourself the time and hassle of listening to tons of pitches. You will also save thousands in angel membership fees.

Who We Are

Randy Shawn Fisher, DigiWise SEO

Randy Shawn Fisher
New Jersey / USA

Randy has worked with 75+ startups and early-stage companies on customer discovery, business model development and product-market fit. Randy knows first-hand the marketing and sales challenges early-stage companies face, and how to solve them.He is the Founder and CEO of Customer Discovery Pros, a business consultancy that has worked with 75+ startups and early stage companies to find product/market fit and commercialize their technologies.Randy has expertise in the US Market, and has worked with companies from Canada to Chile, Germany to Slovenia, South Africa to Sri Lanka.Randy is a business mentor with the National Science Foundation's I-Corps, EIT Health (Europe), Volta (Canada) and the World Intellectual Property Organization in Asia.

Randy Shawn Fisher, DigiWise SEO

David Friedman
Chicago, USA

David is an experienced consultant, coach and executive educator. Early in his career, David was a consultant and partner at McKinsey, working with companies on strategic and organizational challenges in heath care, pharma, transportation, insurance, real estate and many other service industries.After 15 years at McKinsey, he started Bridgewell Partners, a company to train and coach professionals on selling. He also launched Collaborating Minds, an online problem-solving community.
From 2015-2021, David was a faculty member at Northwestern U Kellogg School of Management leading Executive Education programs.
David has an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a B.A degree from Harvard.

Landon Steele

Landon Steele
San Francisco / Vancouver

Landon is an experienced COO, strategic management and startup consultant. She's had success building businesses for multinational companies and with her own entrepreneurial venture.
Landon was co-founder, President and COO of Axiom Mobile Imaging, a leading all-digital mobile imaging company that brought hospital-caliber imaging to the bedside. Over 10 years, the company grew to be California-wide before a successful exit by acquisition. Over the course of running this business, Landon developed expertise in the US insurance system, regulatory requirements and negotiating contracts with them and and marketing and selling to large healthcare chains.
She is on the board of the Canadian Women's Network which works with pre-Series A companies to help them become "Silicon Valley Ready", and make connections for investment and partnership in the Bay Area. Through this, she is connected to CELS (Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science) and a member of the Spring Healthcare Innovation Challenge, a group of healthcare angel investors,Landon holds a B.A.Sc. and an M.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Certificate in Project Management from UC Berkeley. She is a co-inventor on 6 US patents.

Who is the Network for?

  • Leaders and business professionals who want to learn about startup investing, build confidence AND apply their knowledge and expertise to help increase startup success.

  • Angels and VCs who want to maximize deal flow / diversity for their portfolios.

  • People who want meaningful connections with like-minded peers to share their excitement and passion for growth.

Focus Areas

  • AI

  • B2B

  • Fintech

  • Healthcare / Digital Health

  • Sales / Workplace / Productivity Tools

  • Startup - Good Acquisition Candidate (operating in a niche, for example)

  • US-based, Canada possible - Expanding to US market

Startup Criteria

  • Pre-Seed to Seed

  • MVP Required

  • Pilot Projects / Reference Customers (minimum)

  • Initial Traction / Sales

  • Coachable Founder + Team

  • Ideal - Founder who can ‘Sell’

  • Customer-Focused - Willing to do Continuous Customer Discovery. Business Model, Product, Marketing, Customer Budgeting / Procurement, Customer Success / Experience

Learn About High Growth Startups

Get curated insights and opportunities and connect with fast-growing startups.


  • Startup Investment Opportunities

  • Customer Discovery / Product Market Fit Expertise

  • Members-only Private Community*

  • Searchable Member Directory*

  • Actionable Insights / Recommendations*

  • Share Your Startup's Asks + Needs*

  • Public Slack Group - Join Us!

  • Zoom Meetings & Huddles*

  • Professional Development

  • Educational Resources

  • Amazing Networking

  • Success!

  • * Paid membership features. Subject to change without notice.

Organizations We've Worked With

Startup Growth & Fundraising Success

  • Randy identified, who raised $31M.

  • Randy selected and mentored CardMedic, the 2nd place winner of Mass Challenge 2022, from a field of 300 high potential startups. Named to Fast Company's List of Most Innovative Companies for 2023

  • CardMedic raised $2M in funding. (Series A)

  • Munevo raised $3M in seed funding (Series A)

  • Vitalize Care raised $1M in seed funding and is a Y Combinator company.

  • GyvLINK raised $225K in grant funding from Amazon / AWS

  • HubTec secured 2 years of funding from the government of Chile.

Best Pick Ever!

  • ChargeBee is now valued at $3.5 billion dollars.

SAFE Investing Network

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SAFE Investing Network


Welcome to the SAFE Investing Network, a venture of Customer Discovery Pros, a consultancy specializing in customer discovery, product / market fit and go-to-market strategies for startups and early-stage companies.Randy Shawn Fisher is the Founder and CEO of Customer Discovery Pros.As a Member, you will benefit from learning about startups and early-stage companies that have a great idea, team, market opportunity and execution. You'll learn about SAFE Investing deals and have opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and leverage your skills and expertise too!We ask that you to help 1 or 2 startups and/or help grow our network,, whether or not you invest. (For example, it might be an introduction to a customer, your expertise, or a referral.)You are welcome to join our FREE Slack group.We also offer affordably-priced Paid Memberships, with features such as:

  • Members-only Private Community

  • Searchable Member Directory

  • Actionable Insights / Recommendations

  • Share Your Startup's Asks + Needs

  • Zoom Meetings & Huddles

  • Professional Facilitator

  • Discussions History

  • And more…

We are delighted you are joining us.Welcome aboard!Randy

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SAFE Investing Network


Welcome to the SAFE Investing Network.We are a venture of Customer Discovery Pros, a business consultancy with expertise in customer discovery, product/market fit, and go-to-market strategy for startups and early-stage companies.Our members are excited to learn about startups with compelling value propositions, motivated teams and viable products / market niches.

Access the SAFE Investing Network

We offer a unique opportunity to access our network AND get valuable feedback on your pitch and market positioning. We want you to succeed!Startups which are accepted to pitch, also have the opportunity to share their 'asks' and needs, in addition to fundraising needs.

Startup Critiera

Here is our Startup Criteria - in a Google Doc.If you meet our Criteria, then complete the SAFE Investing Network Application Form. We will let you know if you will be invited to pitch to our members.

Our Process

  • Receive a Yes" from the SAFE Investing Network.

  • Pay the SAFE Investing Network Access and Consulting Fee.

  • We will Provide Expert Feedback (2x30-min. sessions) on how to Improve Your Pitch and Market Positioning.

  • Provide an Up-to-Date Pitch Deck.

  • We will schedule a date and time to pitch to our experts and receive valuable feedback (2x)

  • Afterwards, we will schedule a time to formally present to our members.

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SAFE Investing Network

Emailing Your Pitch

EMAIL your pitch to us at this address.Use the following convention in your email:Subject: STARTUP PITCH: Your Company Name, Amount to Be RaisedFor Example:STARTUP PITCH: XYZ Company, $750K SAFE

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